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Northeast Oklahoma's Green Country

Green Country encompasses three regions made up of 18 different counties. Tumbling rivers, expansive lakes, tallgrass prairie and rolling green hills are the hallmarks of this lush region, rich in culture and verdant grandeur. Tulsa’s sophisticated city lights offer the ultimate in metro exploring, while trekking Route 66 takes you into the heart of the definitive road trip experience. A winning combination of outdoor life and charming communities, Green Country is a bold adventure you’ll never forget.Scenic Byways

Osage Nation Heritage Byway

Experience seventy miles of Oklahoma's most unique and beautiful landscape - the home of wild horses and buffalo, hills that in the 1920s and '30s held gangster hideouts, and a Million Dollar Elm Tree that provided shade for oil barons such as Frank Phillips, Harry Sinclair and Jean Paul Getty.

Historic Route 66 Byway 

The charm, the history, and the atmosphere that make up "The Mother Road" bring travelers from all over the world to experience America the way it should be experienced - down a stretch of highway where "anything goes" is literal.

Cherokee Hills Byway 

Situated in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, the Cherokee Hills Byway is a showcase of eastern Oklahoma’s tremendous diversity. From lush scenery and breathtaking natural beauty to a rich cultural and historical background, the Cherokee Hills Byway is a traveler’s oasis inspiring visitors to delve deeper into the theme and countless opportunities available along the byway.

Lakes of Green Country 

With more than a half million surface acres of water and more shoreline than the East and Gulf coasts combined, the Great Lakes of Green Country offer fun and relaxation to outdoor enthusiasts. Just try to keep your family out of the water on a Green Country vacation! Most of the lakes are well suited for water skiing, swimming, boating, sailing, jet skiing, and are well equipped with camping and picnicking facilities, boat ramps, hiking and backpacking trails. Everything you need for a great vacation experience!  

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Northeast Region

Contact Information:

 Area Map
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Green Country Marketing Association
2825 E. Skelly Drive #826
Tulsa, OK 74105

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